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Mr. Neustein offers 3 specialized life coaching areas that will nurture your spirit, help you overcome personal challenges, difficult setbacks and seemingly unmovable obstacles and allow you to achieve your life goals. He caters to each of his client’s personal needs in order to unlock their full potential.


Mr. Neustein assists his clients in finding greater fulfillment in all their personal relationships. As your relationship coach, I will help you in setting relationship goals, help you in starting a new relationship, thrive inside a current relationship or take your long-term relationship to the next level.

Mr. Neustein has experience and training in various relationship dynamics, from romantic relationships to family relationships to friendship relationships.


Mr. Neustein helps his clients connect to who they truly are-within and beyond the third dimension. He works with his clients to change/re-direct/navigate, uncover their true desires, take steps towards their goals, achieve their dreams, bust limiting beliefs, and remove roadblocks. He does this by assisting you to go within with effective questioning systems. 

Mr. Neustein uses various different modalities to assist his clients with their personal growth, including EFT, Reiki, Meditation and mindfulness among others.

Law of Attraction/Manifestation

Mr. Neustein guides his clients through a process of self discovery which allows them to start focusing on what is needed for their conscious manifesting. Once the initial process is complete, his clients become super focused on what they truly desire and the results start to flow like magic. With the assistance of Mr. Neustein, his clients develop personal systems of manifestion, which consistently allow for future manifestations.

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