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How to Manifest Like a Pro
Using the Law of Attraction
Parts 1 & 2

No matter what you wish to manifest, How to Manifest Like a Pro offers proven systems for successful conscious manifestation – no matter what you desire. Master Life Coach David Neustein shows simple to apply action plans that will teach you exactly how to shift your current belief system in order to master the art of conscious manifestation and deliver amazing results.

If you're having difficulty consciously manifesting, the problem is most likely your belief system. False and limiting beliefs will stop you again and again from consciously manifesting your true desires. You end up staying stuck in a frustrating loop of failed manifestations because of false and limiting beliefs; year after year, decade after decade. How do you get out of that loop? Shift your false and limiting beliefs. Here, you'll get proven methods of shifting those beliefs that can take you out of that seemingly never ending loop.

Neustein has an ability to take complex subject matter and create simple actions that can be easily applied to any area of your life. Here, he draws on his almost 30 year journey of spiritual and self discovery to create an easy-to-understand and apply guidebook for making belief shifts and wishes come true.


Learn how to:

  • Shift your beliefs (and why you should care)

  • Decide which manifestation technique is best for you

  • Make conscious manifesting simple and easy

  • Discover a manifesting system that works for you

  • And much more                                       


How to Manifest Like a Pro will change the way you think about manifesting and the law of attraction. It will give you the additional knowledge and systems you need to shift your beliefs - whether you desire a healthy body, a fulfilling career, financial freedom, the love of your life or to successfully manifest any other desire.


How to Manifest Like a Pro is an essential tool for every conscious manifestor's toolbox.

Why you should read this book:

“...It absolutely and clearly gives instructions on how to improve your life by taking charge of your energy and life. I really liked chapter 6 with the examples of manifesting your desires.”

-Angela A

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What others are saying about Neustein's book:

“It gets straight to the point on the Law of Attraction. Having watched The Secret, your book delves even further and answers many questions regarding Law of Attraction. It's in the way that you wrote it that is freeing my mind from clutter and the fogginess I've been feeling. I keep going back to re-read sections as it is a book that refreshes me and to review it until I get it through my head about attracting the positive. It a life book and a lifesaver.”

-Megan M

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